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After a career in marketing communications, and then time spent at home raising two active boys, I discovered Pilates a little later than some. I have long enjoyed being active, but it wasn't activity with much focus or real purpose. I thought the achey feet and back pain that often resulted were just par for the course. People would talk about "mind body connection" and I thought I understood what that that meant, but in truth, I didn't really get it.

Then Pilates came into my life and I had my "ah ha!" moment. Or really, many, many "ah ha" moments that still keep coming! 

Now, in my late-40's, I'm stronger and more in tune with my body than I've ever been. Activities that I've been doing for ages, like skiing or hiking, feel different in such positive and sometimes surprising ways. The difference is not in just doing the activities, but also in the way my body feels after.

Pilates instructors often talk about the "principles of Pilates." Depending on their school of thought, there can be as few as 6 or as many as 10. However, most can agree on the Core 6 Pilates principles:







Internalizing these 6 principles into my own movement practice has been, personally, life changing. As a comprehensively certified Balanced Body® instructor, I love to help people feel not only longer and stronger, but more connected to and empowered within their bodies.

To that end, I strive to impart the Core 6 Pilates principles, and the "ah ha!" moments they inspire, to everyone I work with. Whether you're an athlete, lead a more sedentary lifestyle, are recovering from an injury, or simply want to feel better, I truly believe that everyone can benefit from a consistent Pilates practice.

My own learning never stops. Completing Balanced Body's 500+ hour Pilates Comprehensive Instructor program was just the start. I am always pursuing continuing education on a variety of topics such as Active Aging, Neurological Conditions, Scoliosis, Lower Back Pain and more. Plus, I continue to train with and learn from incredible Master Pilates Instructors. The human body is fascinating and I love to continuously deepen my understanding of how it works... and how movement can bring positive change.

~ Lacey

Training & Continuing Education

  • Balanced Body: Pilates Comprehensive Instructor

  • The Neuro Studio's Pilates for Neurological Conditions

  • Scolio-Pilates Modules 1 & 2

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